Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Interview of Anushka Sharma

Excerpts from the interview of Anushka Sharma -

Let me start from the beginning, your first reaction on being selected for RNBDJ?
I was very happy from within. Frankly speaking when Adi asked me about the movie I couldn't control my joy but at the same time I felt very responsible to deliver my best since I am working with very very big production house. So that thing always stayed at the back of my mind.

And tell us how does it feel being romanced by the star who is known as the 'king of romance'?
(Blushes) ohh!! It feels amazing. He is such a fantastic actor. He makes the romantic scene look so normal, so natural, so different each time. Actually many a times I used to feel a bit shy but at the end he made comfortable.

The film is really doing well. Were you confident about its success beforehand?
Yes, from the beginning, I was confident that this film will do well. I knew since it was being made by Aditya Chopra it would definitely come out as winner.

Have you seen the movie?
(At once replies) Yes 4 times. Twice I saw it at the screening and twice at theatres. First day I saw it at Chandan theatre and I entered the theatre after the start and came out before the end. And believe me the response was mind blowing.

Did you read the reviews?
Ya I read 4 reviews but then I stopped reading it.

Your future plans?Are you doing any more movie with YRF? What kind of roles are you looking forward to do?
Nothing has been finalized as yet but ya I'll be working with YRF in 2 more movies. Any kind of role which consists of good script and backed by a good director would do. But I would like to mention that I would love to play a female superman if something of that sort comes my way.


Charles said...

She is really smart and intelligent as well. She knows how to give interview to the media.

So far I am getting the feeling of her innocence and all.

bath bombs said...

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